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Wendy's Approach

Wendy has made it her life's work to help young and emerging adults discover their own competency and capacity. She believes that therapy during this developmental period can positively impact the course of a life. Using the neurobiological "growth window" of this life stage, Wendy guides clients to capably experience emotions and grow fully into their best adult selves. 


Wendy has a relational, wellness-based style and works with clients to create a secure, supportive counseling partnership that allows for safe exploration of issues. She delights in helping young and emerging adults discover their own wisdom and strength. Wendy brings nonjudgment, compassion and humor to her work as well as an unwavering belief in the innate healing capacity of each of us.

Wendy has adapted AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) to work with the specific needs of the young and emerging adult population. This approach helps clients shift unwanted or outdated patterns and use the positive power of emotions to inform adult decisions and experience.  To find out more about this attachment based, emotionally focused model, visit


More About Wendy 

"Each of us has the ability to rise up and meet the challenges on our path," says Wendy. "But, sometimes, we need a supportive, trusted other to help guide the way."

Wendy Summer is a licensed professional counselor, national certified counselor and certified AEDP therapist and supervisor ( She has more than 15 years of

clinical experience and for the past five years has focused

specifically on the needs of young and emerging adults.

Wendy received her graduate degrees from the University

of Virginia; she has made Charlottesville

 her home for nearly 30 years. 


Areas of Expertise

Wendy specializes in treating

anxiety - the most common

emotional challenge facing young

and emerging adults.  She also

works with depression,

trauma experiences, relationship issues and family of origin  concerns. Additionally,

Wendy has considerable

experience working with

college student challenges.

For parents of teens and young

adults who are struggling with

mental health issues. Wendy offers supportive parent coaching.

Areas of expertise


Email or call to schedule an appointment

1020 E. Jefferson St.  Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

Existing clients, visit client portal here

(434) 409-4986

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