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Megan Kiernan
resident in counseling

Megan brings life experience, wisdom, and deep compassion to her work with teens (16 and older), young adults and adults. As a resident in counseling, Megan works closely with Wendy Summer to bring a high level of care and healing for her clients. If you are looking for a warm, supportive guide in your own growth journey or looking for therapy for your teen, Megan offers expertise and a positive path forward.

Of note, Megan and Wendy are offering a treatment team approach for counseling teens and supporting their parents; Megan works with teens and Wendy provides parent coaching. In this model, families are well served with integrated, cohesive team. 

Megan's Approach

Megan is dedicated to providing a nurturing and grounded environment that empowers clients to access their innate ability to change and grow. She believes that through a connected and caring relationship with a non-judgmental therapist, clients can safely explore the root of their problems and release outmoded coping mechanisms. She aligns with her client’s goals and believes that therapy is a co-constructed process in which client and therapist work together to facilitate change. Clients are encouraged to explore and develop the connection between their mind and body. Megan delights in recognizing and celebrating what is working in her clients’ lives, consistently acknowledging their progress as it unfolds.

Megan is particularly passionate about helping clients find freedom from their inner critics: those self-doubting false beliefs that can fuel notions of inadequacy, undesirability, and imperfection. She knows that true change is motivated by a deep acceptance of ourselves and an intimate knowledge of our internal emotional landscape.


In her practice, Megan draws from Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Attachment theory and somatic practices.

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More about Megan

Megan received her graduate degree from the College of William & Mary. She began her career at The Women’s Initiative and continues to provide pro bono counseling to support their mission.


A long-time Charlottesville resident, Megan is a former a chef, who is still passionate about good food. She also loves time in nature and connecting with furry friends.

Contact Megan Kiernan

(434) 202-4277

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