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Wendy Summer

--------  licensed professional counselor
--------  certified aedp therapist & supervisor

Individual counseling for adults, young

adults and emerging adults

ages 16 to 40

in Charlottesville, Virginia 


The Center for Young and Emerging Adults

Gold fish jumping out of small to big fi
Counseling dedicated to the unique 
needs of clients ages 16 to 40

Perhaps no other time of our adult lives is associated with so much

change, challenge and growth. Learn how to meet these challenges with more confidence and competence. Learn how to experience your emotions so that they do not overwhelm or confuse you, but instead fuel your choices and inform your life.


You can use this developmental period – or adult “growth window” -– to set your life on the track of your choosing. Rather than

feel anxious or stuck, you can learn, with my help, to explore and understand your inner terrain and access your own “adult self” wisdom and ability. Together we can address whatever challenges you might be dealing with – anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship

issues – and establish new internal patterns and neural networks that can positively impact the rest of your life.



Email or call to schedule an appointment

1020 E. Jefferson St.  Charlottesville, Virginia 22902

Existing clients, visit client portal here

(434) 409-4986

Notice of Privacy Practices: 

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